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Prep-Pal 3.0 Label Maker Kit


Introducing the Prep-Pal 3.0, the Automated Food Rotation Manager customized for Subway restaurants. This labeling system not only helps keep your food labeled, but creates an outstanding sense of efficiency in the back of your Subway restaurant. By implementing the Prep-Pal, you’ll eliminate the problems that comes with having to guess at employee’s handwriting as well as employees guessing at when food should be discarded. The Prep-Pal does all this for you. By simply using the accompanying software, you can create custom labels explaining the expiration date, who prepared it, whether there’s an allergy alert or a custom label. The software works on most POS machines or Windows-based systems, so it’s able to be installed on systems your restaurant already has and doesn’t require a new system to be purchased.

With the Prep-Pal 3.0 you’ll have the latest and greatest features with this Food Rotation Manager. It’s able to print a fast 51 labels per minute, the software installs in minutes, and requires little training to use. Better yet, once the labeling system is in place, you’ll notice that less food is wasted, productivity is increased and all-together prep work is more accurate.

Every Kit comes with FREE technical support plus, a FREE two-year printer warranty! 

Included with every Prep-Pal 3.0 Kit is:

  • Prep-Pal Software CD
  • Thermal Label Printer
  • One roll of Premium-Peel 2x2 Labels
  • Power Cord and Adapter
  • USB Cord
  • And the Prep-Pal Quick-Start Guide
Example of a customized Prep-Pal label with Subway logo
Prep-Pal 3.0 Label Maker Kit
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Item# 1168

Item# 1168
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