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5-wide Bread Form Proofing Tool, to help make perfect bread.

Green acrylic with Subway logo in white, 3 11/16" x 1 7/8" x .125" thick.

Magnetic strip on rear for easy storing. Includes instruction sheet.
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Item# 125

Product description

New 5 wide Bread forms from France - Premium Quality

Ordering Information:
You may not mix the four- and five-channel bread forms

The five-channel forms enable you to make more breads with fewer bakes.

Maintenance and Baking Instructions:
Cleaning and maintenance are the same for the new forms, and the baking process remains the same. The hard plastic proofing template should not be used with the new forms, because there is not enough space between the proofed dough for it to fit. Continue to proof bread sticks until they are 75% of final baked height.

The new forms:
• Have rounded walls to prevent mushroom shaped breads, and allow the bread to proof and bake to a size similar to bread baked using a four-channel form.
• Are black. We are transitioning to black five-channel forms as our standard.
• Only need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized once a day.

Item# 125
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