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Cooper 4-Event Digital Timer
Multi-station timer Features: 4-station LCD, 4 color-coded LED and keypad buttons. 4 distinctive alerts, 4 countdown/count up, 4 switchable minutes/seconds or......(read more)
Taylor 4-Event Digital Timer
4 Event Commercial Timer Features Digital timer times up to four events simultaneously. Each timer counts up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Loud 100 decibel alarms......(read more)
Cooper Digital Timer FT24
24 hour Timer features a built-in volume control that can be set to different decibel levels by turning a dial. A red light flashes when the alarm goes off, a great feature for the hearing......(read more)
Taylor 2-Event Digital Timer
Dual Event Digital Timer/Clock Features Hour/minute timing. 1.5" LCD readout. Clock and date feature. Clip/magnet/stand positioning. Operates on 1 "AAA" battery ...(read more)
Manual 60 Minute Wind up Egg Timer
Times in minutes up to one hour and has an insistent ring up to 18 seconds....(read more)

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