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Sani Station

Sani station is a patented utensil cleaning and sanitation system that allows you to clean and sanitize utensils quickly with a no-rinse solution during food service. This utensil sanitation system is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your kitchens's needs. To ensure consistently clean tools, each Sani Station utensil sanitizer can be outfitted with fresh replacement pieces and sanitizer refills. 

Step 1:
Use Sani Station to rapidly and thoroughly clean utensils between use.

Step 2:
Scrape or wipe loose food soils on RED SQUEEGEE.

Step 3:
Scrub the utensil vigorously through center brushes utnil visibly clean. Allow utensil to remain submerged for at least one minute. 

Step 4:
Wipe excess sanitary solution on GREEN SQUEEGEE. Remove and place in drying basket to air dry. Do not rinse. 
Sani Station-Sani Station Replacement Kit
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Sani Station-Sani Station Replacement Kit
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Sani Station-Sani Station Replacement Kit
EPA approved. NSF Listed, Biodegradable. This NO RINSE cleaner & sanitizer is a proprietary blend specifically designed for Sani Station food safe cleaner systems only. 100 count of......(read more)

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