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Hand Dryers

SUBWAY® Approved Model (Optional Item) Still Using Paper Towels?
SMARTdri™ saves more than 95% on costs compared to paper towels!
High-Efficiency Intelligent Hand Dryer

SMARTdri™ is the most energy efficient, fastest and hygienic hand dryer. SMARTdri is "best of the best" and designed to optimize dry time, energy consumption and sound quality. The intelligent, flexible controls allow customizing air flow, sound quality and heating options to fit any application environment.

Fast – Most Powerful Air Performance
  • 10 second dry time
  • 3x faster than traditional dryers
Best – Extremely Energy Efficient
  • 99% savings over the cost of paper towels
  • Uses only 12% energy of traditional dryer
  • Uses only 40-60% energy of competitive high speed dryers
Smart – Intelligent & Flexible
  • 3-Speed motor controls
  • ON/OFF heating options
More …
  • Longest motor life in high-speed dryers
  • Embedded anti-microbial additive for user hygiene
  • Improved sound level and quality
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • Automatic operation promotes hand hygiene
  • Superior reliability and quality
  • Modular design, ease of servicing
Power/Sound Option
High- High traffic facilities
Low- Quiet and low traffic environment
Heating Options
Selectable option for user comfort
On- Cold weather location (800-1200W)
Off- Warm weather location (400-800W)
SmartDri Hand Dryer, Aluminum Black
SmartDri Hand Dryer, Aluminum Black Item# 1209 ****ITEM IS 120V****...(read more)
SmartDri Plus Hand Dryer, Aluminum Black
World Dryer SMARTdri Plus Automatic Hand Dryer with Aluminum casing and black finish...(read more)
SMARTdri Plus Hand Dryer, Brushed Stainless Steel
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SmartDri Plus Hand Dryer, White Aluminum
White finish over aluminum casing. World Dryer's SMARTdri Plus series of automatic hand dryers....(read more)
SmartDri Hand Dryer, Brushed Stainless Steel
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SmartDri Hand Dryer, White Aluminum
SMARTdri White Aluminum Hand Dryer Item# 1205 ****ITEM IS 120V****...(read more)

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